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Two Effective Methods For Cleaning Your Dishwasher

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Keeping your kitchen appliances in great condition is beneficial for numerous reasons. It ensures that your investment in these appliances lasts for a long time, and this makes every dollar you invest worthwhile. Cleaning your dishwasher is one very important part of kitchen appliance maintenance. Fortunately, this chore is fairly simple and there are plenty of options available for cleaning.

The Mold Killing Method: Bleach And Vinegar

Vinegar is known for killing bacteria and 82% of various species of mold. Bleach is also commonly used to completely eliminate mold from household surfaces. Combining these two ingredients really packs a punch for your grimy dishwasher. Try out the following simple solution:

  1. Remove the racks from your dishwasher and clean them separately using hot, soapy water or hot water and vinegar. Use an old toothbrush or dish scrubbing brush to remove mold and debris. Reinsert the dishwasher racks.

  2. Combine one cup of bleach with one cup of vinegar in a dishwasher-safe bowl. Place this bowl on the top rack of your dishwasher. Run a cycle using the hottest water setting. If a strong odor of bleach and vinegar remains, run an additional cycle of solely hot water.

  3. If you still see signs of mold, use a scrubbing brush and dish soap to scrub your dishwasher's drain openings, drain strainer, rotor, and door gasket.

The Simple Method: Pre-Made Dishwasher Cleaning Tablets

If you cringe at the thought of scrubbing grime, you can still clean your dishwasher without getting down and dirty. Many grocery stores and online retailers sell pre-made dishwasher cleaning tablets. These tablets come in the form of gel packs or solidified powders. They commonly contain ingredients such as

  • citric acid – Citric acid is a sequestering agent that may aid in the removal of hard water buildup.

  • silica – Silica is an absorbent that helps remove excess moisture from your dishwasher.

  • sodium carbonate – Sodium carbonate is a natural washing agent that removes debris from your dishwasher.

  • fragrances – Fragrances are added into these products for odor reduction and elimination.

Follow the instructions on the dishwasher cleaning tablet package to ensure your dishwasher is cleaned properly.

When you clean your dishwasher using either of these methods, they should keep your dishwasher looking and smelling fresh. If you notice a persistent smell or odor, there may be a complex problem at hand. For example, a burning odor may indicate an electrical malfunction. Contact an appliance repair service to inspect your dishwasher to assess and resolve these types of problems. This will ensure that your essential kitchen appliance stays in excellent condition.

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