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Four Tips For Keeping Your Commercial Refrigerator Running Efficiently

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Almost every business in the food industry requires some type of refrigeration system. Everything from walk-in refrigerators to blast coolers are used to keep foods cool. Because these refrigerators are so heavy-duty and business relies on these appliances, you want them to last a long time. Most commercial refrigerators are designed to last about 16 to 18 hours a day. Should your refrigerator go out, you could end up losing hours of business. In an effort to prolong the life of your commercial refrigerator, you want to make sure you are maintaining it properly. Here are some maintenance tips to help you keep your refrigerator running most efficiently. 

Keep a Maintenance Schedule

One of the best ways to ensure your refrigerator runs properly is to keep it maintained regularly. As a business owner, you have a lot of things already on your plate. To ensure you stick with the maintenance, you need to keep a schedule of what maintenance has been done on it and when it was performed. Many companies who handle preventative maintenance on these appliances keep a log for you. If you plan to do the maintenance in house, then you want to keep an organized log. This lets you know long it has been since you last maintained it. 

Monitor the Temperature

It is extremely important that the refrigeration system remain cool enough to keep the food from spoiling. In order to ensure that there are no fluctuations in temperature, you want to check it daily. Even a change in one degree can show a trend in the cooling component of the system. Some coolers and refrigerators keep a history of temperatures. This is great for those who service the equipment. This tells them when the change occurred so they can figure out what caused the issue. 

Inspect the Equipment

As the refrigerator ages, the door hinges and latches may not seal properly. To ensure they seal correctly, you want to inspect them to see if they are damaged or broken. Additionally, keeping the door propped open for a while can warm the refrigerator up and spoil anything you have in there. 

Keep the Equipment Clean

A dirty refrigerator can not only have an effect on the food you have in there, but it can also cause the equipment to fail. In fact, if the condensing unit gets too dusty or has debris trapped in it, the fan motor may quit working. This can cause the unit to quit cooling altogether. Wash the inside using only soap and water. Chemicals can ruin the metal surfaces along with hard bristled brushes. You also want to clean the fan blades and coils regularly so dirt and debris does not accumulate. Contact a company like A1 American Commercial Refrigeration, LLC for more information.