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Why Is Your Freezer Not Cold Enough?

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Nothing is more discouraging than to reach into the freezer for a favorite icy treat and find it has melted. Many things could cause this to happen. Have you got the refrigerator next to a stove or other heat source such as a window full of sunshine? Is the unit too close to the wall? These are just a few of the scenarios that could be causing issues with the freezer.

1. The Temperature Gauge Isn't Set High Enough

Begin by increasing the level one number at a time. You don't want to make it too high. It would also benefit you to purchase a freezer thermometer to ensure it is cooling properly. The freezer should maintain a constant temperature of 0 degrees Fahrenheit.

2. The Door Gaskets Are Not Sealed Properly

Cold air can discharge through any gaps between the freezer and the door. You can try to repair the gasket using petroleum jelly directly on the gasket. If that doesn't help, you will probably need to replace it.

3. The Condenser Coils Need to Be Cleaned

The condenser coils are located either across the lower part of the unit or behind the refrigerator. You should use a refrigerator coil brush or similar tool to remove the dust and debris that has accumulated around them. The wall or surrounding areas should also be cleaned. It is beneficial to clean the coils at least two times a year.

4. The Airflow Is Blocked

You have to be careful when placing food in the freezer unit and not cover the fan. If the air return becomes blocked, the food can't cool as it should. You should also diagnose whether the freezer fan is operating correctly.

5. The Freezer Needs to Be Defrosted

Annually, you should defrost the manual defrost unit if the ice is a fourth of an inch on the unit. If you have a frost-free unit, the freezer should also be cleaned on the same schedule to prevent any food spoilage.

6. The Coolant Is Low

You should notice a gurgling or hissing sound if the coolant is leaking. The coolant is what keeps the freezer/refrigerator cold and keeps it from overheating. If you have general knowledge for detecting the leaks, it is a simple process.

After you have tried all of the possible easy ways to have a cold freezer, it might be time to call in the appliance repair professionals. The process can be frustrating and might be more involved than you can understand, so a professional can provide valuable insight.