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3 Things To Consider When Purchasing A Walk-In Cooler

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Are you ready to upgrade your commercial kitchen with a walk-in cooler? There are many things you must consider before making this large investment. Most importantly, do not rush out and purchase the most popular model or whatever is the cheapest. Take the time to consider what you will need in order to get the right piece of equipment for your business. The following tips can help you determine the best options for you:

Determine Your Needs

While you likely already know what you plan to store in a walk-in cooler, you still need to think carefully about the needs of your business. For instance, you should think about the temperature range in which you will need to store different types of items. You may need to keep some items cooler than others, such as fish, dairy, or produce. You also need to consider ease of use, such as doors that are easily opened and closed, especially if you tend to have to gather multiple ingredients at one time. Other items to consider include energy efficiency, longevity, and price of upkeep.

Floor or No Floor

You also have the option to purchase a cooler with or without a floor. Whether or not you can opt for this model will depend on a number of factors. What type of flooring do you already have in the kitchen? Concrete slab floors are fine for floor-less models, but flooring framed in wood is not ideal because the moisture produced by the cooler can cause the floor to deteriorate. You will also need to check on building codes to see if a floor-less model is allowed. Keep in mind that if you use a floor-less model, you will still need an insulated barrier on the floor to prevent condensation.

Check the Manufacturer and Customer Feedback

You must purchase your cooler from a reputable manufacturer with a good feedback rating. This is going to be a significant investment. Buying a substandard cooler that will ultimately fail not only causes you to lose money on the cost of the cooler, but also the cost of the food that is stored inside. You should purchase from a company that is established and has a solid track record of good customer service. You should also make sure to only buy from a company with a good warranty and refund policy should something happen to the cooler.

When making this decision, be sure to ask other businesses in your industry about which products they find work the best. A walk-in cooler is going to be one of your largest expenses, so it is important to not go into this decision lightly.

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