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Why Is Your Heat Pump Producing Cool Air?

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If you feel your heat pump is putting out cool air, you may have a problem. However, if you are new to heat pumps, you may not be used to how they work. Sometimes, heat pumps seem to put out cool air but they are working fine. They don't typically produce heat like a furnace, but can still keep your home warm, especially if you live in a mild climate. Here are some reasons why your heat pump may put out cool air and when it is a problem.

The Heat Pump Is in Defrost Mode

Heat pumps go through a regular defrost cycle. These cycles usually only last about 10 or 15 minutes. During the colder weather, while you use it in heating mode, the coils can begin to frost. If allowed to continue, then the lines could freeze entirely. The defrost cycle turns the unit back to the cooling mode which causes the coils to heat up and melt the frost.

The Air Is Only Relatively Cooler

The heat pump's air may feel cool to you, but it is still producing heat. It's likely the output temperature is less than your body temperature, so it feels cool. The amount of heat produced is relative to the outdoor air temperature as well. The colder the outside temperature, the cooler the output. Keep an eye on your thermostat. If the temperature of the room is falling instead of being steady or rising, then you may have a problem.

The Heat Pump Needs Maintenance

If your unit needs maintenance, it will not work well. Have it serviced once a year, preferably before the weather cools. Another thing you can do is check and change your unit's filter and look for blocked vents. Lack of airflow can reduce efficiency. Make sure your ducts are properly aligned and have no leaks as well.

The Heat Pump Needs Repair

Your unit may have a broken or malfunctioning internal component. A broken reversing valve can keep your unit in cooling mode. A leak will also affect how your unit functions. Both of these require a certified technician. Other issues may include frozen coils due to problems with the defrost cycle.

Heat pumps are an excellent and efficient way to warm your home. However, they work a little differently than a furnace. If your heat pump is making your home cooler rather than warmer in cold weather, then you may have a problem. Have your unit checked out by a qualified service technician to determine the cause and find a solution. Contact a local service, such as Luas HVAC/Appliance Repair, to learn more.