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Is Your AC Appliance Leaking? 3 Things That May Cause This Issue

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As a homeowner, it can be frustrating having to deal with water leakage from your air conditioner. Besides the mess it creates in your residence, a water leak indicates an underlying fault with your AC. So, on the first sign of this malfunction, ensure that you switch off your unit and seek the services of an experienced AC appliance repair professional. Different things may lead to the leakage, and here are a few you should know:

There's Damage to the Float Switch

Normally, when there's an increase in the water level within the condensate pump, its float switch will switch on. This triggers the condensate pump to expel water from your home. However, if there's deterioration in the pump or the switch is malfunctioning, it won't pump water out of your residence. As a result, the water will accumulate in the drain pan, then start leaking from the air conditioner. Fortunately, when you call an AC appliance repair service professional for a solution, they assess the degradation of the pump and float switch and then advise you on the need for repair or replacement.

Your AC Was Installed Non-Professionally

If you find that water is dripping from the air conditioner soon after installation, it could be that your appliance was installed incorrectly, typically through DIY. For example, if a non-professional fails to lay the drain pipes as required, the proper flow of water into the drain pan is disrupted, causing your unit to leak. In any case, once you suspect that your water leak may be due to an inexpertly installed AC, contact a knowledgeable AC appliance repair technician to provide the necessary fix.

Your Air Filter Is Filled With Debris

While your air conditioner is operating, it absorbs warm air from your home, draws out the moisture, cools the air with refrigerant, and then releases it via the air vents. Yet, for this process to be efficient, you should change your air conditioner filter every couple of months. If this doesn't happen and the filter becomes clogged, the moisture from the air freezes, causing ice to build up on the evaporator coil. When this ice melts, it causes water to drip, resulting in water leaks. This can also happen if the refrigerant line experiences wear and tear, causing the Freon to leak.

As soon as you notice that your AC is leaking water in your residence, you should seek the immediate intervention of an air conditioner appliance repair technician. Waiting for too long may cause the problem to become worse, or you may even need to replace your unit.

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